Metropolis of Boston Youth Dance Group

John Pappas, D.M.D.

John Pappas graduated cum laude from Boston University receiving a B.A. degree in Biology and Classical Civilizations in 1999. John recently graduated Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, where he was chosen to participate in the Teacher Training Honors Program. John is an active member of the New England Hellenic Medical and Dental Society (NEHMDS), and has received the NEHMDS scholarship for academic excellence three times. In addition to the NEHMDS, John is also an active member of the American Dental Association, and the Massachusetts Dental Society. John is the Director of the Metropolis of Boston Youth Dance Group. John currently works as a dentist in Boston, Massachusetts.


  • Boston Diocese Youth Dance Group, Brookline, Massachusetts, Spring 1989-present.
    • June 2002-present: Director, Boston Diocese Youth Dance Group.
    • September 1996- present: Teacher of traditional Greek Folk Dance at Saint Catherine's Greek Orthodox Church, Quincy, Massachusetts, and Annunciation Cathedral, Cathedral Center, Brookline, Massachusetts.
    • Spring 1989- present: Learned, practiced and performed traditional Greek folk dances in the Boston area under the tutelage of Ms. Niki Dimotaki-Sokolove
  • Dora Stratou Dance Seminar “Αναπαλη” July 2006
    • Participated in Dance Seminars and Performances At Dora Stratou Dance Theatre, Athens Greece.
  • Troy New York Dance Seminar November 2005
    • Instructed dancers from St. Basil’s Greek Orthodox Church in dances from Κρητη and Μεγαρα. Seminar was hosted by the Metropolis of Boston Dance Group.
  • Dora Stratou Dance Seminar Θρακη Κ. Βαγγελης Δημουδης October 2005
    • Participated in Thracian Dance Seminar given by Thracian musician, dancer and instructor.
  • Folk Dance Festival, Ontario, California February 2005
    • Participated in Dance Competition with over 30 Dance Groups.
  • Winter Dance Conference, Astoria NY January 2004
    • Participated in Dance Seminar. Instructed on Dances from Ηπειρος, Μακεδονια, and Κυθνος.
  • Dora Stratou Dance Theater, Athens, Greece, October 2000.
    • Participated in tutorial in Brookline, Massachusetts on dances from Asia Minor and Cyprus by head instructors of the Dora Stratou Dance Theater.
  • Stauraetoi Dance Group, Χανια, Κρητη, September 1998, July 1999.
    • Participated in Cretan folk dance seminar provided by director of the Stauraetoi Dance Group, and also performed in group's annual ceremonial dance reception.
    • Was instructed on Cretan folk dances by director of the Stauraetoi Dance Group in Brookline Massachusetts
  • Syrtaki Dance Seminar, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 1993, May 1997.
    • Was taught numerous Greek folk dances from expert instructors of various regions of Greece.
  • Diocese of New Jersey Dance Group, Dance Seminar and Competition, Baltimore, Maryland, February 1995.
    • Was instructed on traditional Greek folk dances from expert dancers and teachers at seminar and participated in dance competition.
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