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Macedonia became a part of Greece in 1913. Macedonia is located in Northern Greece butting numerous other Balkan state, which have had their influence on the dances of this region. Bulgaria most notably has made a mark in some of the characteristics in the dances and music of this area. Macedonian dances can range from being fast and light-hearted to heroic and slow in tempo. Instrumentation includes gaida, daouli, klarino, and karamoudza.


  • Syrtos Makedonias
  • Makedonikos Antikristo
  • Baidouska
  • Partalos
  • Kastorianos
  • Mikri Eleni
  • Ta Paidia tis Samarinas
  • Tis Marias
  • Gaida
  • Baidouskino
  • Stankena
  • Levantikos
  • Karapatakikos


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Updated on july 22, 2006