Metropolis of Boston Youth Dance Group

Aegean Islands

Paros Samos and Chios

Dances from the Aegean Islands are generally lighthearted and pleasant in disposition. As with other island regions, the dances are characterized by light steps and a rhythmical bending of the knees, thus creating a look of the waves of the sea. Instrumentation includes violi, santouri, klarino, lavouto. Select the images on the left to enlarge them. The first image costume emanates from the island of Paros. The second image the male costume is from the island of Samos and the female costume featured is from Chios.


  • Ballos

  • Syrtos

  • Stavrotos
  • Ikariotikos

  • Ageranos

  • Nikedres
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Updated on July 22, 2006