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Repertoire - Costumes

The Hellenic culture is exceptional in that Greece is one of the only countries where folk dance remains an active part of social life. Folk dances are passed down from generation to generation, and serve as a form of living history for the country's national identity. The Hellenic culture is also unique in its regionality, as each region of Greece has a distinct and rich identity. All regions differ in costume, dance, and instrumentation, largely due to their morphology and climate. There are still other regions, no longer a part of Greece, that have developed their own unique cultural identity and dances. Despite this, their origins are undoubtedly Hellenic (e.g. Pontos, Cappadocia, Asia Minor, Cyprus.)

Select a region below to view examples of our costumes and the regions of Greece they represent.

Macedonia Aegean Islands
Thrace Dodecanese Islands
Peloponnesos Ionian Islands
Epirus Crete
Thessaly/ Mainland Cyprus
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Updated on February 16, 2006